19 Romantic International Best Honeymoon Destinations on a Budget

After a long wedding ceremony, it is time for a honeymoon. For the newly married couple, the honeymoon is the sweetest part, which helps collect many romantic memories before starting married life. But the planning of honeymoon destinations is not easy, especially when you are on a budget. Well, you don’t need to worry because you also can plan the Best Honeymoon Destinations on a Budget. But the real question is, how can you Discover the Best Honeymoon Destinations on a Budget? Let’s look for your answer.

Best Honeymoon Destinations on a Budget

Like a wedding, the honeymoon also has to be dreamy and romantic. Everyone’s dream is to have a fancy honeymoon in a romantic place, make some precious memories, spend a romantic time with their husband or wife. A honeymoon is not all about romance; it has to be a trip. But in this modern time, a honeymoon is an expensive fact for a newly married couple. Many of you want to go to an international place or some fancy place. But the boundary is money. But your dreams can come true. You can go to a fantastic location for your honeymoon that you can afford.

Yountville, California

Yountville, California

Top of the list, Yountville is an affordable romantic honeymoon destination. Yountville is located in Napa County, California. It is a beautiful place for trip and honeymoon. Yountville is very famous for its food and restaurants. If you are a food lover couple, you should give a chance to Yountville once. Besides food, it is also the first choice for wine lovers.

Place to Stay

  • Hotel Yountville: One of the fanciest, luxurious, and affordable places in the Yountville town. Hotel Yountville will treat you with a spa, heritage oak, gorgeous honeymoon suite, and delicious food.
  • Lavender, A Four Sisters Inn: On a special honeymoon morning, the couple likes to have their romantic breakfast in bed. Well, in Lavender, A Four Sisters Inn offers this excellent romantic full free breakfast. Besides breakfast, they provide evening wine and hors d’ oeuvres.

Lisbon, Portugal

best honeymoon Lisbon, Portugal

Imagine you are holding your lover’s hand and walking on the street full of joy, history of love, and music on the air. Well, to complete this dream, you can go to Lisbon. Yes, on the best honeymoon destination list has the name of Lisbon, Portugal. As we all know, Portugal is a famous country for its history of love. Lisbon is a lovely and perfect place for the newly married couple. There are a lot of sites that can amuse you. Besides, you all know Portuguese cuisine is delicious, and it is the most affordable place ever. So, you can celebrate your love there.

Place to Stay

  • Portugal Boutique Hotel: Portugal Boutique Hotel is a friendly and surprisingly affordable place for honeymoon couples. It is a famous cathedral with a fine restaurant.
  • Solar do Castelo: To observe Portugal’s local culture, you can book Solar do Castelo hotel. It is an ancient and affordable place.


Honeymoon Destinations malaysia

If you are willing to go for an international honeymoon trip, Malaysia should be your first choice list. Malaysia is a country of island, beach. Everyone prefers this country for a romantic honeymoon, especially in the summer. You can explore many things like you can go for night time diving, trekking, and many more. The most popular place is Tioman Island, Langkawi, and Perhentian Island. After all of these things, perhaps you think that this destination is out of your hand. Well, it is not. Malaysia is the most affordable international honeymoon destination. You can stay there for six nights and seven days for 90k-1.5 lac only.

Place to Stay

  • The Majestic Hotel: It is the most luxurious hotel on a budget. You enjoy your morning and your night to watch the amazing view.
  • Gaya Island Resort: This resort is on the side of an island. You can enjoy the local culture and delicious seafood.


Maldives beach

The Maldives is the most romantic place for honeymoon couples. This romantic island has so many beaches and luxurious villas. You can spend your precious moment there and do a lot of things. You can enjoy their luxurious beaches, villas, and water sports. In the Maldives, you can book a honeymoon suite at the underwater hotel. The Maldives is the fanciest and excellent destination in Asia for a honeymoon on a budget. You get to celebrate your love in the Maldives for three nights and four days in 1 lac to 1.5 lac only.

Place to Stay

  • Velaa Private Island: This is the most luxurious and affordable villa. Enjoy your honeymoon trip in the best suite and on the side of an Island.
  • Boutique Beach: If you want to enjoy the local culture, you can stay here.


Best Honeymoon Destinations for Every Budget

On top of the best honeymoon destinations, Seychelles is a fantastic, rich, and romantic place. If you want to go to some sandy beaches, you should keep it on your list. You will experience the best time of your life there on a budget. You can explore the virgin rainforests and create some precious memories for the rest of your life. You can enjoy the water sport and luxurious villas. You can plan all these things for five nights and six days in 2 lac to 2.5 lac only.

Place to Stay

  • MAIA Luxurious Resort and Spa: Book, a honeymoon suite in a luxurious place, is lovely. You can take the couple’s spa.
  • Four Seasons Resort: To taste the delicious food of Seychelles, you should check in there.


beautiful place dubai

The wealthiest and beautiful place in the Arab Emirates is Dubai. Now you are thinking about how Dubai can be affordable. Well, shockingly, Dubai took place in the list of affordable honeymoon destinations. All you know, the honeymoon is not just about roaming; it is also about shopping. And Dubai is the perfect place for honeymoon shopping. Not only this, there are a lot of things like desert safari, skydiving, etc. that will cheer you up. Besides, for entertainment, you will get to see belly dance. You can get all of these for two nights and three days in 1 lac only.

Place to Stay

  • Burj Khalifa: As you all know, Burj Khalifa is the most beautiful and luxurious hotel. So, if you book a suite there, you will enjoy the VIP treatment.
  • Wild Wadi Water Park: Here, you can enjoy the delicious Arabian cuisine.

Sri Lanka

Best Honeymoon Destinations Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, one of the most beautiful and cheap honeymoon destinations in Asia. As you all know, Sri Lanka is very famous for its cricket team. But besides this, Sri Lanka is also renowned for its mesmerizing view for honeymoon couples. You can enjoy the caves at Sigiriya, pristine beaches, jungle safari, take an elephant ride, etc. Take a couple of spas and enjoy the delicious local food. And all of these things you will get in 1 lac to 1.1 lac only for four nights and five days.

Place to Stay

  • Kandy: Kandy is an ideal place to stay in Sri Lanka. They will offer you tasty food, a romantic honeymoon suite, and a couple of spas.
  • Bentota: If you want to have a luxurious place to stay, you should book a Bentota room.

Paris, France

Best Honeymoon Destinations on a Budget

Paris, the city of love. You all know Paris is the most romantic city. Everyone’s dream to celebrate their love in Paris. Paris is a perfect place for a honeymoon trip. You can propose to your wife under the Eiffel tower, which is the most dramatic and perfect place to capture your lovely moment. You can eat French toast and a delicious meal. Now, If you think that it would be so expensive, you are wrong. You can have all these things in 2 lac to 2.5 lac, only six nights and seven nights.

Place to Stay

  • Saint James Paris: The most luxurious hotel in Paris on your budget. You can get a French couple massage.
  • Hotel R de Paris: If you want to enjoy the best French meal, you can check in here.



If you want to see the charm of the old world, you should visit Prague. Prague is a historical and cold environment country. Prague’s view will take you back to the old-time to observe the ancient love stories. It would be a different honeymoon experience. You can buy fancy jewelry and shoes. For things to do, you can cruise on river Vltava, try beers, etc. And you can go for all of these things in 1.28 lac to 2.8 lac for seven-night and eight days.

Place to Stay

  • Golden Well Hotel: Perfect and affordable place for honeymoon couples.
  • Boutique Hotel Constans: To enjoy Prague’s local food and luxurious hospitality, you should check in here.

New Zealand

most romantic place

In the last but not least, at the top of the list, New Zealand. New Zealand is also an affordable and beautiful country for honeymoon. New Zealand has fantastic beaches, delicious food, and incredible ice mountains. There are a lot of things that you can explore here like you can go to the Hobbiton Movie set, watch glow worms, Canyon Swing Queenstown, etc. You can enjoy all these things for nine nights and ten days in 3.37 lac to 3.8 lac.

Place to Stay

  • Queenstown Park Hotel: This is an affordable and best hotel to stay in.
  • Hotel DeBrett: If you want some fancy, you can check in here.

Douro Valley, Portugal

Douro Valley, Portugal

Douro Valley is a beautiful place in Portugal. And a perfect place as a honeymoon destination. Douro Valley is located on the Douro River. You will see an amazing view and a calm environment. It is a perfect place for a honeymoon. Besides, it is a very affordable and peaceful place. You can taste their hundred years old wine, which is very famous in Portugal.

Place to Stay

  • The Six Season Douro Valley resort: this resort is very famous in Douro Valley. You can look at the Douro River from your room.

Canggu, Bali

romantic place Canggu, Bali

As you all know, Bali is very popular for honeymoon and also the best place for a trip. Canggu is located in Bali. It is also a beautiful place to celebrate your married life. Here you can enjoy Indonesian culture, food, language, lifestyles, etc. If you want to road trip here, you should take a scooter ride. It is enjoyable to sightsee on a scooter. You can visit historical temples. All of this you can get in 1.2 to 1.5 lac for six nights and seven days.

Place to Stay

  • Hotel Tugu Bali: Hotel Tugu Bali is a luxurious place to stay on a budget. You can book here a honeymoon suite.
  • The Oshan Villas: This is a luxurious villa, and it has a private pool. So if you book the villa, you can enjoy the pool and the views yourself.

Mauritius and Reunion Island

Mauritius and Reunion Island

Mauritius is another best beach place for a newly married couple. This place is fantastic. Mauritius is very famous for the beach. You can go there to celebrate your love and capture your best moment in the best location and post it on social media #exotichoneymoon. You can see the fantastic dolphin and whale, arrange a romantic date on a private island, spend your time in a couples Jacuzzi, etc. People think this place is costly, but they are wrong. You can get all of the things in 1.8 lac to 2 lac only for six nights and seven days.

Place to Stay

  • Les Lodges Vanillers: Best luxurious and comfortable place to stay on a budget.
  • La Caz’Des Orangers: To enjoy the meal and fancy view, check-in here.


top turist place

As you all know, Thailand is the cheapest and beautiful place for honeymoon couples. Thailand is also famous for a couple Thai spas and Thai food. So you can enjoy here the ultimate best Thai couple, massage and spas. Besides, you can enjoy the beaches, cruising on the sea, enjoy water sports, etc. Also, you can arrange a date in Rai Le Cave. As mentioned, Thailand is an affordable place; you have to spend 90 thousand to 1.5 lac for six nights and seven days.

Place to Stay

  • Layana Resort and Spa: The most affordable luxurious resort for a honeymoon. You can get here a relaxing couple Thai spas.
  • The Shore at Katathani: To enjoy local food and the environment, you can stay here.

Fiji Island

Fiji Island

Holding your beloved hand and walking down on a romantic Island is everyone’s fantasy. Well, you can fulfill your desire if you choose Fiji Island. Fiji Island is another perfect honeymoon place, and it is shockingly cheap. You can enjoy their beaches and watch a sunset. You can enjoy a sunbath on the beaches and enjoy the luxurious private villas. Also, you can take a couple spas for relaxation. You can plan all these things in 2.3 lac to 2.6 lac only for four nights and five days.

Place to Stay

  • Radisson Blu Resort: To enjoy a luxurious honeymoon suite and taste delicious food, you can stay at Radisson Blu Resort.
  • Royal Davui Island Resort: to celebrate your love with Royalty, you can check in here.


best international romantic place

Hold your breath, because you are about to know the best honeymoon destination. Yes, Switzerland, the beauty of nature. As you all know, Switzerland offers picturesque lakes, beautiful hills, alps full of snow, and amazing deep ice forest. The couple whose love adventures will love this place for a honeymoon. You can explore a lot of things, like skiing, hiking. You can choose Geneva for paddling, Zurich for sky dining, boating on Rhine Falls, hiking on Matterhorn mountain downhill, etc. And all of these things you can get only in 1.64 lac to 2.8 lac for six nights and seven days.

Place to Stay

  • Romantic Hotel Hornberg: Enjoy your honeymoon on some rich, affordable site like Romantic Hotel Hornberg.
  • Romantic Hotel Schweizerhof Grindewald: To taste delicious food in a Swiss restaurant and have your lovely time, you can book here a honeymoon suite.


amazing honeymon place Croatia

The most beautiful and inexpensive place for a honeymoon in Croatia. Croatia is full of love, joy, and mesmerizing views. If you like to visit a historical site, you can visit Croatia. Croatia is a historical place. The food is impressive, especially the wine. Croatia is famous for its wine. You can see the old temple of Augustus, Roman amphitheater, underground roman museums, etc. are very peaceful and fantastic places. You can enjoy all of these things for five nights and six days in 1.2 lac to 1.5 lac only.

Place to Stay

  • Meneghetti Wine Hotel and Winery: To feel the Croatian vibe, you should stay here.
  • Valamar Sanfior Hotel: If you want to stay on the side of the sea, you can book a glamorous and comfortable room at the Valamar Sanfior Hotel.


honeymoon canada

Canada is another amazing and romantic country for honeymoon. You can enjoy the famous Niagara Falls, Banff National Park, take a boat riding on Lake Minnewanka, sunshine at Meadows, etc. Also, you can enjoy  Canadian food, meet various cultures, and explore your love. Many people think that Canada is an expensive country for honeymoon travel but it’s not valid. You can travel the whole country in 90 thousand to 1.2 lac only for six nights and seven days.

Place to Stay

  • Rimrock Resort Hotel: Rimrock resort is offering you a couple spas, delicious dining, comfortable rooms on your budget.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Colorado states is another top-listed place for a honeymoon on a budget. In Colorado, Rocky Mountain National Park is the most beautiful place in Colorado and a perfect honeymoon destination. You can hike, boating on a lake. The view of this place is fantastic. You can capture pictures here, and post on your social media won’t be so bad. If you are from America, you can visit there easily. It will cost you only 10 thousand to 20 thousand for five nights and six days.

Place to Stay

  • Glacier Basin Campground: It is a perfect place to stay for your honeymoon. You can enjoy the view of the mountain.
  • Moraine Park Campground: To enjoy a romantic suite and delicious food, you can keep Moraine Park Campground on your list.

The 8 Best Affordable Beach Honeymoon Destinations in the World

If you are willing to celebrate your honeymoon on the beach, you should check on this.

  • Charleston and Folly Beach, South Carolina
  • Jaco, Costa Rica
  • Oahu, Hawaii
  • San Pedro, Belize
  • San Diego, California
  • Algarve, Portugal
  • Isla Mujeres, Mexico
  • Ko Samui Thailand

Best Honeymoon Destinations for Every Budget

As mentioned, all of these are very affordable best destinations for honeymoon. Besides these, there are a lot of destinations that would be perfect for every budget.

  • Goa, India
  • Costa Rica
  • Riviera Maya, Mexico
  • Belize
  • The British Virgin Island
  • Las Vegas
  • italy
  • Jamaica
  • Lake Tahoe, Nevada


Which is the most romantic honeymoon destination?

There are a lot of romantic destinations, but the most romantic honeymoon destination would be,

  • Mauritius
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Maldives
  • Greece
  • Phuket
  • Paris

Why is it called a honeymoon?

After a big fancy wedding ceremony, the newly married couple wants to spend some quality time with each other. So people choose to go for a honeymoon. It was just a ritual called honey month, but now it is a honeymoon.

Which Honeymoon package is best?

The honeymoon package depends on your budget. You can choose cheap and expensive packages. The best honeymoon packages would be Bali, Thailand. Paris, Maldives, etc.

What is the cheapest honeymoon destination?

The cheapest honeymoon destination would be Thailand. The restaurants, hotels, local shopping malls, etc. are very best and cheap. That’s why Thailand is the most affordable honeymoon destination in the world.


Marriage is all about love, understanding, and bonding. And honeymoon helps a lot to create the bond between the newly married couples. So you must choose the best destination for your partner to celebrate your love and marriage. Sometimes it’s a matter of money, but don’t worry, now you can Discover The Best Honeymoon Destinations on a Budget.

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