12 Ways How to Plan a Cheap Wedding

The wedding day is very special for both the bride and groom. Everything has to be perfect, lovely, and beautiful. As the perfect venue, delicious catering, beautiful decoration,  eye-catching wedding dresses, etc. is everyone’s dream wedding. But marriage costs a lot. Statistics show that the average cost of a wedding is 35,329 dollars, except for the honeymoon cost. You most probably think about how you will manage everything on your budget. You don’t need to worry; here you will know How to Plan a Cheap Wedding.  

How to Plan a Cheap Wedding

How to Plan a Cheap Wedding

It is challenging to figure out the wedding budget for a perfect wedding. But it is not impossible. You can have a perfect, beautiful wedding on your budget. So let’s learn How to Plan a Cheap Wedding.

Decide the Budget

First thing first, to plan a cheap wedding; first, you have to decide the budget. How much money do you want to expense at your wedding? 500 dollar? 1000 dollar? 2000 dollar? Or 4000-7000 dollars?. If you fix this first, you can quickly move to other wedding plans. After deciding the budget, please keep a list of your expenses. This way, you can keep track of what you have spent money on. 

Find the Cheapest Venue

A wedding is mostly expensive for the venue. People spent a lot of money on the venue. But you plan to get a cheap venue for your wedding, so you have to find a low budget venue. If you plan to get a venue for 100 dollars, you can plan to get married at the city hall. However, your budget is more than 100 dollars, then you can make your venue at your backyard, or a public park can be great for you. 

Make a Limited Guest List 

Making a guest list is the most challenging job. Everyone is an important part of your life, your family, friends, colleagues, relatives, etc. and sometimes some people you can’t even remove from the guest list. Well, catering depends on the guest list. If your guest list is enormous, then you have to spend a massive amount of money. So, while making the guest list, you should choose your closest person to the wedding ceremony. You can invite your family, most intimate friend, the boss from your work ( which is mandatory for a better impression), or maybe your closest colleagues. And try to send them an invitation via the internet. 


Decoration costs a lot of money at a wedding ceremony. But here you are planning for the cheapest wedding, so you should plan for the most affordable decoration. For the most inexpensive decoration.

Flower: Most of the time, roses, lilies are the first choice for wedding decorations. But these are the costly flower for the wedding. However,  you can choose a low price flower instead of these. You can keep Carnation, Gerber daisies in your flower list. These are very inexpensive and will give you a lovely vibe.

Furniture: Since you will have your wedding ceremony in the small venue or city hall, you don’t need to worry about the furniture decoration. But if you are going to have your wedding ceremony and reception at your backyard or any public park, you have to rethink the furniture. You can use old or used furniture in both the marriage ceremony and the reception. Choose inexpensive, simple furniture, and decorate it yourself with your creativity.

Make your menu

Food is another expensive thing at the wedding. The wedding cake, main meal, drinks, etc. is cost a lot. But you can make it cheap. You can choose your food list and can cook it by yourself. If any person in your family or friend has a restaurant, you can deal with them. You can bake your wedding cake because a fancy wedding cake from a restaurant will cost you a lot. Then you can fetch your liquor, beer, whiskey, wine, etc. but if you are thinking of a bar tab, you should know that will cost you.

Wedding Photographer

best Wedding Photographer

A wedding day is exceptional, and we all want to keep memories of our best days. Wedding photography plays that role very sincerely, but in modern days wedding photography is expensive. A professional wedding photographer will charge you almost 1000 dollars for eight hours or nine-hour. So it will be tough for you if you choose them. However, you can get a photoshoot with your camera, or if your friend knows photography, you should ask him. You can hire a cheap photographer too.

Wedding Band 

A wedding ceremony without music is like a funeral. On this joyous occasion, music plays a vital role. But a professional musician, DJ, or wedding band is expensive. So here is the idea to avoid this extra cost, you can hire a low budget bar singer or a student musician. And if you have a talented friend on your list, you can ask them to sing at your wedding.

Wedding Dress  

Everyone becomes control less when it comes to the wedding dress. Wearing a perfect wedding dress and looks gorgeous and astonishing at a wedding is everyone’s dream. But buy a designer, a trendy wedding dress may you cost a lot. So what is the solution? Well, you don’t need to worry. Here is the answer, you can wear a used designer dress or visit the local market and search for a wedding dress. You can design your wedding dress that will save you money.

Grooms Dress

A wedding day is a crucial day for grooms too. All grooms want to look handsome on their wedding day. Well, designer tux, formal suit, or sherwani is expensive, but you can make it cheaply. You can rent it or design it on your own.

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Bridal Makeover 

A bride without an elegant makeover, can you even think about it? Every bride fixes their wedding dress and makeover since they got engaged.  An elegant wedding makeover by a professional is costly. But you can make it cheap. You can buy a makeup kit whatever you need and give yourself a makeover. If you are not an expert, then you can watch makeup tutorials.

Wedding Jewelry  

Ring or other jewelry is also essential as others at the wedding. Usually, the diamond wedding ring is everyone’s choice, but it is costly, as we all know, so that you can wear a low priced diamond ring or a golden ring. For other jewelry, you can purchase that from the local market or borrow from family or friends.


honeymoon to beach

Honeymoon is also a part of the wedding budget. An international honeymoon can be expensive. So try to plan a simple honeymoon. To prepare a simple honeymoon, you can arrange for a road trip, go to your desired place, and then check in a cheap hotel. Honeymoon is not all about international travel or expensive hotel rooms, it’s about the fact, the moment. So enjoy it affordably and lead a happy life.


Life is beautiful, and marriage makes it lovely. Everyone dreams of having a perfect, gorgeous wedding ceremony. But some people can not afford an expensive wedding though they have a lot of plans for their marriage ceremony. So, this is some technique you can apply to your wedding. These techniques will save you money, and you still have a gorgeous wedding. Marriage is not about the big venue, expensive wedding dress, or so on; it’s all about feeling special, enjoy the precious moment. And you still can have those things in this way because now you know How to Plan a Cheap Wedding.


It is all about money when you are thinking of getting married. The venue, catering, photography, wedding band, jewelry, guest invitation, decoration, wedding dress, bridal makeover, etc. cost a lot. And if you are worried about your budget and want to arrange a fantastic wedding ceremony at the same time, you know How to Plan a Cheap Wedding.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How can I have a lovely but cheap wedding?

To have a nice, lovely, and gorgeous but cheap wedding, you should follow these steps,

  •  Keep limited guest on your guest list
  • Arrange the wedding ceremony at an affordable venue, home, public place, or backyard.
  • Choose cheap flowers and low budget decoration
  • Make your menu
  • Design your wedding dress, or you can buy from the local market or on sale.
  • Ask your friend for wedding photography or videography
  • Hire a student for wedding music or use your playlist
  • Do your makeover
  • Plan for a low budget honeymoon

Would it be okay to have a small wedding?

Yes, it would be okay to have a small wedding. An expensive or big wedding will always be lovely, this idea is wrong. At a small wedding, you can save your money and use it for your future work. And a small wedding can be lovely if you,

  • Decorate it nicely but in an inexpensive way
  • Invite the only closest person
  • Arrange the ceremony at your home or public park
  • Give attention to small details and treat your guest nicely.

Which place would be inexpensive for a wedding?

For a cheap wedding, you can hold your ceremony at a low budget venue. But except this, there is also someplace that can be inexpensive for your wedding.

  • If you don’t want a venue, you can arrange your ceremony at your home
  • Also, at a public place
  • Cheap hotel
  • The city hall
  • The courthouse
  • At park or beaches
  • Simple restaurant or café and bars
  • At the museum’s

How to plan an intimate and small wedding? 

Planning an intimate and small wedding, you can apply these steps,

  • You can elope. It is very romantic and fun.
  • Arrange a destination wedding
  • You can book a resort 
  • Beach site
  • Mountain view 
  • Prepare and compose your vows
  • Choose a place to get ready together for a wedding
  • Enjoy the with your closest one

Which one is better? Eloping or have a wedding?

Well, both of these have their meaning. Eloping is fun and more romantic. It is cheaper than a wedding ceremony, and the couple can focus on their honeymoon. And having a wedding ceremony is traditionally fun. Spend a beautiful and memorable day with family, friends; relatives is the best way to start a new life. But the wedding ceremony is much more expensive than eloping. So it depends on you. But frankly, eloping is better than to have a wedding. It is cheaper, fun, and romantic.

Which part is the most expensive of a wedding?

Arrange a wedding ceremony; you have to spend a lot of money. There are a lot of things that can cost you. However, these are expensive of a wedding,

  • The venue or reception hall
  • Wedding band
  • Wedding photographer or videographer
  • Decoration
  • Flowers
  • Wedding ring
  • Catering 
  • Wedding dress
  • Bridesmaid and best man’s dress
  • Bridal makeover
  • Wedding jewelry
  • Wedding invitation
  • Photo Booth

But if you want, you can cheaply have these things. 

How can I entertain a guest at a small wedding? 

To entertain guests at your small wedding, you can arrange a lot of things. The wedding band plays an entertainment part at marriage, you can ask your guest to dance on their favorite song.  You can arrange some indoor games like a music chair, Pictionary, a card, or a quiz. On the other hand, you can hire a magician, audience entertainer, standup comedian, etc. It would be a great choice.

What is the perfect season to get married in?

The perfect season to get married in would be spring or summer. If you are from Asia or the Middle East, then the ideal season to get married would be winter.  In the spring season is the best time for getting married.  Nature shows its beautifulness, birds chirping, the weather is perfect, etc. will give you a wedding vibe.

What is the best state to get married in?

There are a lot of beautiful cities or states around the world to get married. But from those, there is some state that would be the best to getting married.

  • Orlando, Florida
  • Texas, Miami, Las Vegas
  • Colorado, Delaware
  • Cape town 
  • Hawaii, Maryland 
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