Best ways How to preserve wedding dress

how to preserve wedding dress?

A wedding dress carries a lot of memories. When you see it, you remember how you did celebrate your memorable day with your beloved, how you did look on that day, etc. These memories are precious. Everyone has a fantasy about their wedding day. Everything has to be perfect, like the venue, the catering, the wedding costume, photography, invitation, etc. On this day, everyone waits eagerly to see the beautiful bride. And the most trending thing is her wedding dress. Many of you plan for an expensive bridal gown that needs to be maintained appropriately. But how to preserve wedding dress? If you have this question, then you are in the right place. So, let’s know how to maintain a wedding dress in 2021.

How to preserve wedding dress

Follow the Process to Sustain the Wedding Dress

Most of the brides buy a white gown as a wedding dress. And we all know the white color is susceptible Because any other color can leave a stain and ruin it forever. You most probably do not want to face this kind of situation. If you don’t, you need to follow these processes strictly. Naturally, the wedding dress is made of sensitive clothes, and the design is heavy. So, it can spoil quickly.

Take Great Care of your Dress

Before the wedding, you must be taking great care of your wedding dress. The wedding preparation can be so rushed, and at this moment you can forget about your dress. But it can create a problem on your wedding day. So, first, when you bought your dress, ensure that you are keeping it safe with a transparent bag.You can hang it in or keep it in your closet. It would help if you avoided the stain. The wedding is full of food, paint or any other color. So, you have to keep away from these things. When you are bringing it from the store, make sure your transport is grease-free. The stain of grease never comes off. When you are wearing it on your wedding day, keep away your drinks, especially the wine. The wine stain never comes off from the white dress. The food can be dangerous for your dress. So, when you are about to have your meal, ensure safety. After the wedding day, you can keep your dress in a garments bag and hang it in the closet. If your dress gets any stain, do not wash it by yourself. It is a very challenging process. If you do it wrong, the stain will stay. So, it would be best if you handed it over to the experts. They will wash it very carefully, and your dress will be gorgeous again.

Many of you want to know about these topics. So, let’s discuss some buzz topics.

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Online Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation Services Compared

A lot of people want to know, is an online wedding dress cleaning safe? Which one is better? Well, there are a lot of companies which provide dress cleaning and preservation services. Besides this, there are a lot of online companies which are also doing the same job. So, which one would be useful? Well, if you want a review about these companies, then you can check for the knot, David’s bridal, etc. But somehow, a lot of people love to preserve the wedding dress. Why? Well, sometimes a rough cleaning can damage your wedding gown, and it can lose its softness. Many clothes don’t allow for rough cleaning. Detergents can damage the design of your wedding dress. So, at this moment, preservation can be the only option. The preserved dress stayed the same when you bought it. But some dress needs to be cleaned with water. So, you can choose an excellent online wedding dress cleaning company. But make sure about their work process.

Wedding Dress Preservation vs. Standard Dry Cleaning

Another best option is dry cleaning. But what is dry cleaning? Well, it is a unique treatment for your wedding gown. The experts use some chemicals or techniques to clean your fabric, stone, and the other kinds of stuff in your wedding dress. It will not wet your clothing with the water but be cleaned in a dry state. But which one is the best? Wedding dress preservation or standard dry cleaning? Comparatively, wedding dress preservation would be suitable for some reason. The wedding dress can be sensitive, and when you use some chemical for dry cleaning, it can damage it easily. But if you preserve it properly, it will remain perfect, and you don’t need to worry about it. On the other hand, some wedding dresses need a standard dry cleaning process. Because these chemicals and treatments won’t damage your apparel, it depends on your wedding dress’s quality.

Wedding Dress Preservation Cost

Is your wedding dress expensive? If your answer is affirmative, then you need to take great care of it. But how? Well, the most expensive wedding dress needs special treatment. You can hand it over to an expert. Experts can preserve it with care and the best treatment. But the cost? Well, wedding dress preservation experts can cost you a lot. It can be almost 250 dollars to 750 dollars. When it comes to your mesmerizing expensive wedding dress, you can spend a little more to save it from any unwanted stain.

If you cannot afford this amount, you can preserve it by yourself. You can take help from the internet. There are a lot of videos and articles on how to maintain a wedding dress.

Wedding Dress Preservation Tips and Hacks

Besides the food, drink, mud, or any other stain, some items can be the reason for the invisible stain. Yes, many things can do it. The stain may not be visible, but your dress can get yellowish after some time, and it will not look perfect. You will never wear that dress again. So, for those invisible stains, you can apply these hacks.

– First, you should use the manual that comes with your dress. In that manual, you will find the cleaning process.

– After finding out the process, you need to research it. And if you fail to do it by yourself, you must see an expert. Never rub that place with any unknown chemicals or detergent, and don’t apply any home remedies.

Some tips for the bride. If you are having your wedding at the beachside or any garden, make sure that you save your wedding gown from the mud and the salty water. You have to be careful. You can ask your bridesmaid to watch it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is Wedding Dress Preservation?

The first term is preservation when you apply special cleaning like standard dry cleaning and packaging technique to ensure the wedding gown retains its beauty. After finishing the cleaning process, the expert will wrap your gown in acid-free tissue paper and the right quality box. All the process is called wedding dress preservation.

How to Clean, preserve, and store a wedding dress?

To clean a wedding dress, you can follow this process step by step.

  • While buying the dress, read the level or description of the dress appropriately and get proper knowledge about cleaning it.
  • After that, you can handover the cleaners or clean them according to your level.
  • You can wash it with water if it needs to, or you can use a dry cleaner. It depends on your wedding dress quality.
  • To store a wedding dress,
  • After cleaning the clothing, you can wrap it in acid-free tissue paper and keep it in a square box.
  • You can use a transparent bag and hang it in your closet safely.
  • To preserve a wedding dress,
  • You can hand wash your wedding dress but make sure that you are doing it softly.
  • Stay away from the stains. You can use some soft chemicals like vinegar to spray it instantly.

How to make your wedding dress last forever?

To make your wedding dress last forever, you should keep your dress lay on. You can hang it using the hanger. Since your wedding dress is white, so, never fold it for a long time. Because if you fold it for a long time, your clothing can have a yellowish stain, and it never comes off. You will never be able to wear that dress again.

Why do wedding dresses turn yellow?

Sometimes we see our wedding dress turn yellow and we cannot wear them anymore. So, how does this happen? Phenolic yellowing is a chemical reaction that makes the interaction between fabrics and the garments plastic bags. So, when you keep your wedding dress in a plastic bag for a long time, it turns yellow. To prevent this situation, you can clean it after a few months, and it will not turn yellow.


A wedding dress carries a lot of sweet memories of your wedding moments. After the wedding, you will go back to your wedding flashback whenever you see the wedding gown. Sometimes, you want to show your gorgeous wedding dress for your kids. But if you don’t take proper care, your clothing can ruin, and you will never wear it again. So, it is necessary to take great care of your wedding dress. So that it remains the same and you keep remembering the best day of your life.

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