How to Plan Alcohol for Wedding Cost

On the wedding day, everything has to be perfect and memorable. Like, venue, catering, wedding dress, bridal look, bridesmaid, best man, furniture, drinks, flowers, etc. But at a wedding reception party without Alcohol like a wedding without the groom. Yes, as you know, Alcohol is also an important part of a wedding event. So, it would be best if you choose the best-branded Alcohol. Good Alcohol can get you a great appreciation. Delicious food and a good drink is the most important part of a great wedding event. However, for a wedding, Alcohol can be expensive, and it isn’t easy to know which one would be best. But you don’t need to worry. If you want to know How to Plan Alcohol for Wedding Cost, you are in the right place. so, let’s have a look at what you should do to plan Alcohol for wedding costs.

Alcohol for Wedding

Planning Alcohol for Wedding Reception Party

When it is about the party, it is always about the Alcohol. You must be celebrating your love and marriage with drinks. A wedding costs a lot. The venue, the catering, wedding dress, wedding jewelry, photography, etc. are a major essential part of the wedding ceremony. Similarly, Alcohol also plays that role. As you know, an open bar at a wedding can be expensive. It is normal. Because at a wedding reception party you can not serve cheap Alcohol. So, how can you plan drinks for your wedding?

Open Bar at Wedding Reception Party

The most expensive way to serve a drink at your wedding party is to place an open bar. As you know, in an open bar, guests can have drinks as much as they want. So, you have to charge for every drink they order. Honestly, it costs a lot. If you plan a wedding on a big budget, you can offer an open bar at your reception. Besides, it will take the attention of your guests.

Cash Bar at Wedding Reception Party

A cash bar at a wedding can reduce your cost a little. The guest you invited to your wedding, they will pay for their drinks. Yes, you don’t have to pay for it. You are just arranging the large drink bar at your wedding reception party. Normally, it is not smart to serve drinks because catering and drink services are couples’ responsibility. But if you are planning for a cheap wedding, then it can be an option for you.

Buy your Alcohol

For most of the wedding reception party, the couple contracts with the caterer or venue to serve the drinks. It can be expensive. If you want to cut the extra cost, you can choose this option. Besides, you can control the providing services. On the other hand, you can choose your favorite drinks. If you want to get expensive or something to mix up, you can do it easily. All you need to make a list of the guests and then calculate how many drinks you need to buy. In this way, you don’t need to pay for the extra drink; you will pay for only the fixed amount of drink.

Pay the Bill by Consumption

Pay the Bill by Consumption

If you plan to arrange the open bar at the reception party, but you don’t want to pay more, you can pay your bill by consumption. Generally, the open bar serves unlimited drinks, and you always have to pay for the extra drinks whether it is served or not. But if you choose to pay the bill this way, you can save the extra cost. The bar staff will count and make a list of the number of drinks they served. So, you will only pay for the served drinks, not the extras.

Wedding Reception without Alcohol

A wedding party without the Alcohol sounds like a dry party. But it is true that you can celebrate your memorable day without it. So many guests do not drink or sober. And they will appreciate you for this dry celebration. You can serve soft drinks or beverages instead of hard drinks.

Pay the Bill Per Guest

Let’s plan how you can save your money on drinks. As you know, the open bar serves unlimited drinks, and your guests can take full advantage of it. So, here is the plan, you can pay your bill per person instead of per drink. In this way, you will know how many people have your drinks. One person can have more than one drink, so it will cost a lot if you count the drinks. So pay the bill per guest.

Serve the Middle – cost Drinks

The middle-cost drinks mean you can serve the drinks at a middle-range cost. Not too expensive, not too cheap. Yes, there are many drinks that you can get at a moderate price and still rock your celebration. The signature cocktail is a standard drink and less expensive for your wedding reception party. The guest will be happy with it, and you can save your money.

Affordable Open Bar

Wedding Alcohol Cost

An open bar is expensive, but you can make it affordable. How? Well, if you have to choose the open bar for your wedding celebration, you can hire a cheap bartender or catering services. They are affordable, and your open bar plan can be successful. Besides, you can add the middle price alcohol to this plan; believe it or not; your wedding cost will be on a budget.

Wedding Alcohol Cost and Options

If you plan to have an open bar at your wedding reception, you should be aware of the cost. If you are interested in premium liquors, then the cost would be almost 4,147 dollars. But, if you are looking for cheaper, then it can cost you almost 2,550 dollars. If you want to know the other options, you can arrange a cash bar, bring your drink, make a deal with the venue or caterer, etc. would be suitable options for you.

Average Wedding Catering Cost for 100

When it is about the catering cost, you first focus on your guest list. When you are buying food, it will depend on per plate. However, for 100, the average wedding catering cost would be almost 5000 to 10000 dollars. As mentioned, you will pay the cost per plate so that the average affordable price would be 7000 dollars. You could reduce the cost if you chose the cheap caterer and normal menu.

Average Cost of Alcohol for Wedding of 150

The cost of drinks at a wedding can be high. And it depends on your arrangement. As you know, the open bar, cash bar, etc. is expensive. Because one guest can have more than one drink. So, it isn’t easy to calculate how many drinks you will pay for Alcohol at your wedding. However, let’s assume about 150 people. How many drinks they will have and what would be the average cost. If one person has six drinks, then for 150 people, it would be 900 drinks. You can now assume that you are paying five dollars for each drink, then it would be 4500 dollars. This calculation is an example of an open bar. It can be more or less if you reject the open bar idea.

How Many Alcoholic Beverages are Needed

Generally, you can serve one drink per person at the reception party. It depends on your reception party time. If you plan for five to six-hour with a hundred or more than a hundred like 150, you will serve them almost 900 drinks. Per hour one drink. So, you can assume that this much alcoholic beverage will be needed. Besides, if you have an open bar, you will need more. Because in an open bar people will take full advantage of it.

How to Buy Booze for Your Wedding

Except for the open bar, cash bar, and caterer, you can buy your drinks for the wedding reception party. But how? Well, you can buy wine 60%, liquor 20%, and 20%beer. As mentioned, the whole alcohol arrangement depends on your guest list and your reception hour. If you have a hundred guests for four hours, you may need 240 servings of wine, 80 servings of beer, and 80 serving liquor.

A Definitive Guide to Serving Alcohol at Your Wedding

If you plan to have your wedding at a beachside or ballroom, it is necessary to have a definitive guide to serving Alcohol. There will be many guests on the beachside or destination wedding, and many of them will gather around the bar. So, it would be best if you designed a big cocktail bar to avoid unwanted gatherings. For planning your bar, here some guidelines you follow.

  • You can limit the bar time. When time is over, you can offer your guests soft drinks, beer, etc. with dinner.
  • If you want to bring your Alcohol, you can do it. It will reduce your bar and bartender costs.
  • If you and your family are sober, but some of your friends are not, you can plan a dry party. Only serve cold beverages and soft drinks.
  • If you plan to have a fancy wedding, you can serve the keg instead of liquor.

Wedding Alcohol Cost and Bar Budget

Almost every wedding offers an open bar. And as you know, for an open bar you will need more Alcohol. it will cost you almost 4500 dollars. If you are having a hundred guests, it may cost 4000 to 4500 dollars. Let say you will have a hundred guests. If you serve them per hour. You will need 68 bottles of beer, 16 bottles of wine, and four bottles of liquor.

How Much Alcohol to Buy for a Wedding

If you plan to buy your Alcohol for your wedding, you should check the guest list first. You can buy both a hard drink and a soft drink. You can buy a large amount of wine and beer. Almost 70% to 80% of guests will have wine and beer. So, you can buy a 70% to 80% bottle of wine and beer in a hard drink. For the other 20% to 30%, you can choose champagne, vodka. Now, since you are bringing your drink, you can offer two drinks per person.

How Much Alcohol Should We Serve at the Wedding Reception?

Normally, at a wedding reception, people can have more than one drink. But try to serve one drink per person. So, calculating alcohol measurement, if your reception is for four hours, you will need 400 alcohol. Wine is more suitable for a wedding reception than any other alcohol. So, you can buy 50% to 60% of the wine. Beer is for young generations to buy 30% to 40% beer and 20% liquor. If you want to arrange only wine and beer, you will need to buy more wine and beer. Then you will need 75% to 80% of wine and 25% to 20% of beer.

Other Choices That Impact Wedding Alcohol Costs

There are a lot of things that can raise your wedding alcohol costs. At a wedding, you will arrange other stuff like catering, venue, etc. These arrangements can increase your budget and can be the reason for not buying expensive Alcohol. So, if you reduce the cost of other stuff, you can buy more Alcohol. so, keep these things in your mind.

  • The catering cost
  • The venue cost
  • The guest list
  • Wedding reception party time

Most Popular Wedding Reception Drinks

Wedding Reception Drinks

As you all know, wine is the most popular wedding reception drink. Besides this, there are a lot of drinks that are trendy right now. The gin martini, whiskey ginger, red wine, gin tonic, long island iced tea, tequila, champagne, etc. are very popular wedding reception drinks these days.

Alcohol at the Wedding

At a wedding reception, Alcohol plays an essential role. You will need to serve it. But the Alcohol for wedding costs can be high or low. So, measure the guest and buy Alcohol according to the list.


A wedding is the most precious and memorable day for every person. To celebrate your love and your marriages with your friends and family, you must need Alcohol. but as you know, it can be expensive. Now you can make it affordable. You can go for the expensive one or the cheap one. Both plans can make your celebration more fun and delightful. Don’t think much about the Alcohol for wedding cost because now you know How to Plan Alcohol for Wedding Cost.

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