Best Purple Wedding Ideas 2020

The wedding day is very memorable and romantic for couples.  This day reminds couples of married life every year by celebrating the wedding anniversary.  Surely you are different and colorful from everyone else.  So you must want to arrange a colorful wedding differently.  We want to give you some unique ideas. Just think, what if your wedding venue is decorated with a perfect purple color!  Just thought, it would be like an imaginary world.  If you want something like this, then follow our tips and organize your wedding ceremony.  Hopefully, you will get the perfection of your choice from here.  So let’s find out about some of the best “purple wedding ideas”

Purple Wedding Ideas

Wedding color

Before doing anything, you have to plan.  If you choose the purple color for wedding decoration according to your plan then you have chosen the right color.  Purple color brings a perfect look to wedding decorations.  It is different from the old venues and offers some novelty.  It attracts the guests present at the wedding ceremony. Here you can see what decorations you can do with purple color.


purple flowers

The main attraction of every wedding decoration is the flower. Interesting flowers of different kinds of purple colors are available in the market.  With these, you can decorate your wedding gate, table, stairs, car, and living room.

Purple Dress

In most cases, white dresses are used in wedding ceremonies.  You avoid it.  Select your dress in purple.  Purple dresses will give the perfect look with your wedding party. Since you want to arrange a wedding of purple color, the wedding dress must choose the purple color.

Purple Ribbon

In wedding ceremonies, more or fewer ribbons are used.  In this case, the ribbons that you will use in your wedding ceremony, they must a take purple color.  Purple ribbons are available in the market.

Purple chair

Purple wedding chair

If you want to have a perfect purple wedding, you must select the chair of purple color.  You have to spend the same amount of money for purple chairs as you used on ordinary chairs.  Remember that when doing a photoshoot, purple chairs are the main attraction.

Purple Wedding Reception

Present your wedding reception in such a way that it is decorated in purple color.  You can use purple shade if you want.  If you want to use a different color with purple, you can look white or silver.  This color is two more standards with purple color.

Color theme

If you want to use a color theme in your wedding, then I would say you can do the theme with blue or silver with purple color.  If you prefer lighter colors, you can prepare the wedding theme with a combination of white and purple colors.

Purple invitation

Purple invitation

You can make the new wedding ceremony brighter through purple invitation.  For this, you can put purple cake, chocolate, coloring lighting, purple decoration, purple photoshoot on the list of these parties.


Since you are thinking of a purple wedding, you must also be thinking about money.  You don’t have to spend extra for a purple wedding.  Purple Venue, Purple Flowers, Purple Photography, Purple Jewelry, Purple Guest Invitations, Decorations, Purple Wedding Dresses, Bridal Lighting Makeovers, etc.  cost the same amount.  This is not possible if you are worried about your purple wedding budget, and at the same time think about a great purple wedding ceremony.  Because if you want to get the moment to get something extraordinary, you have to spend big.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

how do you do Purple Wedding Favors and purple wedding ideas? 

Since you have decided on this first Purple Wedding, you may need some super ideas on how your desired venue will help you to have the perfect party. The Purple theme is ready only if you can plan properly.  Our tips are very effective to get the perfect theme for the photoshoot.  We gave you the best idea.  The ideas must be tailored to your needs.

How to decorate a purple wedding?

To decorate your wedding purple, add some different plans.  Convert dress, makeup, jewelry, flowers, cake colors, coloring themes, chairs and tables, chandeliers, etc. to purple colors.  Then there will be the perfect purple decoration and the invited guests at your party will be able to gain a new experience.  And they will surprise, more than the usual wedding party.

How To Make Stunning Purple Wedding Theme Ideas?

If the color of your wedding choice is purple, then the ideas in this post are here for you.  Most brides prefer to decorate their wedding day with a regular color purple theme, to make it beautiful and attractive. For a gorgeous purple theme, you can use purple color in everything.  For example, you can use a purple color in the gift packet papers, purple ribbon, purple cake, purple chocolate, purple chair, etc.  For a more super look, you can use shades of other colors with purple.  You can mix pink, blue, white, or silver with purple.

What should purple wedding cakes and flowers look like?

You want to have a purple wedding but can’t come up with ideas for flowers and cakes.  Then follow our ideas. For most couples, white cakes are used in wedding ceremonies.  You can change it and use a purple color.  Now there are many bakeries that you can order to make purple colored cakes.  Also, there are different types of purple flowers available in the market that you can use to decorate your wedding.  Cakes and flowers must be purple color if you want to get a perfect purple wedding theme.  Some people use purple shades instead of single purple in their marriage.

Marriage Centerpiece and  How To Get Out Of A Purple Wedding?

You have decided to keep the main theme of your wedding in the frame of purple color.  For this, you can manage the idea from here without renting a separate plan.  Purple Wedding gives couples a gorgeous look.  It makes a colorful wedding.  Moreover, a purple wedding is an amazing marriage centerpiece.

INTRO: We congratulate for you for taking the initiative in the purple wedding.  Here we show you the best “purple wedding ideas”.  Make your Purple Wedding Party memorable with ideas from here.  Take, a good look at the pictures provided by us and create a gorgeous purple wedding look for yourself.  Purple weddings help to get a lot more experience than ordinary wedding ceremonies.  Also, guests come to the wedding party and enjoy it with pleasure.

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