How To Clean Wedding Dress At Home

Wedding is an exciting occasion, and every bride wants to look stunning on this day. But your dress might get dirty during this function. Of course, you always want your wedding dress to look gorgeous. Most wedding dresses are white/ off white or light in color. As a result, it can get dirty quickly. Food or juice might fall on it during the ceremony. The hem might get mud while walking.  All of these stains will be eye catchy or noticeable. Cleaning it alone is not an easy task. Some people hire professionals to wash it up; still, the dress gets spoiled. That’s why in this article, we will discuss ‘How To Clean Wedding Dress At Home?’

How To Clean Wedding Dress At Home

Most Wedding dresses contain sensitive fabrics with embellishments. So, you just can’t put it on washing machines to clean. You might ruin the decorations if you try machines. Also, if you want to dry clean it in a shop, it will cost a considerable amount. For example, in the UK, it takes almost $1k to dry clean a wedding dress. Also, professionals use many high-quality products. If it doesn’t suit the fabric, it will ruin your precise dress. Of course, you won’t like to pay thousands of dollars and face these consequences.

In this article, we have discussed multiple ways to clean up your adorable dress. These tips will undoubtedly help you, and you will experience excellent results. We have described every process broadly. So, you won’t face any issue while following them. Go ahead, read the article appropriately, wash your wedding dress, and make it new!

How to Clean Wedding Dress At Home: It’s easy!

Dry cleaning in the shop will cost a lot of money. Also, it might ruin your dress. Instead, try some easy steps at home. No one can care about your wedding dress the way you will do. Moreover, it will be able to save around a thousand dollars. So, go ahead and follow the tips right away!

Before cleaning the dress, you need to know about the fabric and the stain. All stains are not the same. You can clean some stains spontaneously just by rubbing some stain remover. You don’t need to wash the whole dress for that. If you want to clean the entire thing, the process will be different. Here, we will discuss everything step by step and describe – how to clean a wedding dress at home?

How To Remove Stain From The Dress?

Wedding is an emotional day for you. Throughout the day, you walk around and meet many people. Getting food or juice stains in your dress is a very common incident. But don’t worry, follow some easy tips, and your dress will be the same as new!

If you get a stain mark on your dress, it will be best to clean it spontaneously. It will be the best way to save your dress from permanent effects. In this case, use an effective stain remover. If you let the mark stay for long, then removing it will become more difficult. Again, if you are thinking of dry-cleaning it by your washing machine, please don’t do it. At first, check if the fabric is machine-friendly. For example, –  Cotton and Polyester fabrics perform well in the washing machine. Don’t forget to remove embellishments. Else, you will ruin your dress.

Clean Wedding Dress At Home

Follow the steps below for spontaneous stain removal!

  • At first, apply the stain remover to the marked part. Most wedding dresses have a lot of layers. Be careful to separate the marked layer from others. Else the mark might spread from one layer to another.
  • You might wonder – how will I choose the stain remover? Will it suit my dress’s fabric? Well, in order to know, you have to try it first! I advise you to try this in a small area where no one can notice. If it works fine, then you can apply it to the stain without worries.
  • Don’t rub the remover over your dress. Be gentle to your fabric. Pat and clean it. Of course, you don’t want to hurt the sensitive material of the dress.
  • Wash it properly with cold water.
  • Use a hairdryer to dry it swiftly. Also, I won’t advise you to dry it naturally because you might get some watermarks. So, it is better to use a hairdryer.

Wedding Dress

How To Clean Wedding Dress At Home?: Tips For Total Dry Clean!

If your whole dress needs dry clean at home, you will need some other tips. Many times our exclusive dress gets sweat stains cause of usage. Complete dry clean is the only thing that comes up in your mind. As a homemaker, you don’t want to pay large amounts for just cleaning. So we have the most manageable steps for complete cleaning procedures. The essential tools for cleaning are –

  • A bathtub.
  • A stain remover.
  • A soft and old toothbrush.
  • A light detergent.

Let’s go through the steps now!

  • At first, you need to clean the bathtub properly. Else your dress might get dirtier. Clean your bath with some cleaner or detergent. Then wash it up and fill it with cold water. It’s better to avoid hot water because excess heat might ruin the designs. Besides, all fabrics are not compatible with hot water. So, it is best to choose cold or medium heated water for cleaning.
  • After filling the tub with water, add some light detergent and stain remover with water. Please don’t use harsh detergents because they can harm sensitive fabrics.
  • Place your dress in the water and leave it to soak for some hours.
  • There can be some particular stains on your dress. In this case, grab a toothbrush to remove the excess stain. Please don’t rub it roughly, and be gentle. Slowly scrab it and pat it up.
  • Lastly, place the dress in a shadowy area. Let it be there for some hours. Avoid direct sunlight because it can affect the standard colors of the gown. As you are cleaning the whole dress at once, you don’t need to worry about watermarks.

Follow these steps carefully. All of them are simple yet very effective. If you want a total dry-clean, this is what you need to follow.

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