8 Best Muslim Wedding Dress

Nikah ( Wedding) has a special meaning of its own in Islam. A wedding day is an important and precious moment for every Muslim people. On this joyous occasion, everything has to be perfect for the Muslim bride and groom like venue, catering, wedding photography, and, most importantly, the wedding dress. Every girl has dreamed of being the most beautiful bride since childhood and wears the most beautiful wedding dress. So as a bride, if you are looking for the most beautiful, gorgeous, and eye-catching wedding dress, you are in the right place. Here you will know about Muslim Wedding Dress and give yourself a gorgeous bridal look.

Best Muslim Wedding Dress

Muslim Wedding Dress

In a Muslim wedding ceremony, there are various rituals and customs that Muslim people follow. But these rituals and customs vary from society to society or country to country. So, people demand or design their wedding dress according to their culture. But nowadays, young people want fashion and designer dresses at their wedding.

The Bride’s Wedding Outfit

1.   Mermaid Long Sleeves Pink Lace

mermaid long sleeve pink lace wedding drees

Mermaid Long Sleeves Pink Lace is the top 10 wedding dress this year. This dress is designed like a mermaid using pink lace and long sleeves. This dress is gorgeous and so attractive. You can wear a pink hijab with this mermaid style dress and walk down in the aisle like a fairy mermaid.

2.   White /Lvory Long Sleeves Satin

white long sleeve satin wedding dress

White/Ivory long sleeves satin is also a top wedding dress this year. This dress is made of satin. And this wedding dress is made of white or ivory color with long sleeves. If you like to wear plain white/ ivory satin on your wedding, this is for you.

3.  Heavy Beading Luxury

Heavy Beading Luxury wedding drees

This is the most trendy Muslim wedding dress this year and the upcoming year. This is gorgeous. The designer designed this dress with heavy material, white lace, and high-quality cloth. This dress also comes up in long sleeves, white and gray color. As mentioned, this wedding dress is in the new collection, so it is a little expensive. You can wear this dress with a hijab or long white veil.

4.   Red Long Sleeve Lace Appliques Luxury Bridal Gowns

Red Long Sleeve Lace Appliques Luxury Bridal Gowns

These elegant bridal gowns are mostly made in red color. The color and the material made this dress gorgeous and beautiful. It is a long sleeve with lace appliques. If you wear this dress with a red veil or hijab, you will look a princess.

5.   High Neck Lace Blue Long Sleeve

Blue wedding Long Sleeve drees

This wedding dress is on the new arrival list and one of the top lists of Muslim wedding dresses. This is a high neck blue color wedding dress, and it is also designed with lace. The design is very trendy and unique.

6.  Luxurious Gold Sequins Chapel Ball Gown

Luxurious Gold Sequins Chapel Ball Gown


Are you looking for a ball gown? Well, this dress is designed like a ball gown for a Muslim bride. It used luxurious gold sequins as a design. Golden embroidery on the white gown took this dress to a whole another level. It is lovely and gorgeous.

Islamic Wedding Dresses

Nikkah, or an Islamic wedding ceremony, is not about the bride and groom. It is also a special ceremony for family, friends, and guests. And as a guest, you also want to have a perfect look. Well, at a Muslim wedding, there are so many customs, rituals, and events like walima, nikah, mehndi, reception, etc. But there are so many cultural differences so that these programs can be huge or small. But a gorgeous, eye-catching wedding outfit is mandatory to look beautiful. Now let’s have a look for Islamic Wedding Dresses.

1.   Dakota Sand Kaftan

Dakota Sand Kaftan

The high collar and long sleeves design and an embroidery craft made this dress more gorgeous and beautiful. You can wear this dress with hijab and high hills, and you will look bright, pretty, and more attractive.

2.   Pink Mermaid Dress

Pink Mermaid Dress

O neck long sleeves floor length Islamic wedding dress. This design like a mermaid. The design is gorgeous but straightforward for the perfect Muslim wedding look. The color of this dress is pink. You can wear gray hijab with this dress. You will look beautiful and attractive in this dress. Well, the rituals and customs vary from society to society or country to country, and because of the cultural differences, the wedding dresses are also different.

Muslim Wedding Ceremony Rituals

Usually, a Muslim wedding ceremony is simple. It takes one hour to two hours max for the main ritual. But the other customs and rituals vary from society to society or country to country. People arrange huge events to celebrate weddings like mehndi, nikah,walima, reception, etc. it depends on their culture or traditions. But naturally, for Muslim wedding, there is a marriage contract to sign as their agreement, vows, make an agreement on meher (the groom have to agree to give a financial amount to the bride), nikah. Nikah is the main ritual for the wedding ceremony or nikah ceremony. In nikah, the groom and the bride accept each other as husband and wife by saying quabool ( I accept) three times in front of witnesses. This nikah ceremony can be held in a mosque or marriage hall. After the nikah ceremony, they arrange a grand event called walima or reception. The groom’s side arranges the walima or reception ceremony to celebrate their wedding.

The Asian Bride

In Asia, there is a lot of differences in a Muslim wedding dress than others. Usually, an Asian Muslim bride chooses to wear red at their wedding. In Bangladesh, the bride wears a red saree, lehenga, gown, etc. all colorful wedding dresses. In India and Pakistan, they prefer to wear lehenga,angrakha, Anarkali, etc. trendy wedding dresses. Angrakha is the most trendy Muslim wedding outfit in Asia. They strictly follow their traditions and wedding rules, and everything has to be perfect for them like their wedding dress, wedding ornaments, decoration, etc.

The Mormon Bride

The Mormon brides like to wear a white gown. They design their wedding dress. The wedding dress should be white, high neck, long-sleeved, gorgeous design, and fabric. On the wedding day, they appear in the temple or Mormon church for their wedding ceremony. They take the vows, celebrate their wedding day, and make a precious moment for the rest of their life.

The Jewish Bride

The Jewish brides like to wear a white gown. But traditionally, they wear a white gown, and their collarbones, elbows, and knees must be covered. However, now in fashion time, they can wear any color or any design. Like strapless, long or short, with a veil or without a veil, long sleeves or sleeveless, etc.

The Hindu Bride

Usually, for the wedding, the Hindu bride chooses to wear a colorful saree. Saree is their traditional wedding dress. They design it with golden and red thread, and the saree should be silk and attractive. They put on heavy jewelry, wear flowers called gajra. They take each other as lawfully husband and wife in front of a bunch of people and fire as witnesses they consider. But the wedding dress color varies from state to state like in South India, and the bride has to wear a white saree.


A wedding is the best and most beautiful part of people’s lives, and it is more valuable for Muslim people. On this special day, every bride wants to look gorgeous and beautiful to their groom. As for the bride, she wants to choose the best wedding dress. Well, now it is not difficult to choose the most beautiful, gorgeous, and pretty wedding dress because you know which one is the Best Muslim Wedding Dress.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of brides wear red?

Most of the Asian brides wear red at their wedding ceremony. Besides them, some of the Nigerian and African brides also wear red. However, Asian brides follow their culture, so they wear red. But now in modern days they also wear blue, green, pink, etc. colorful wedding dresses on their wedding days.

Which Color Should I Wear to a Muslim Wedding?

There are no specific rules about color. You can wear any color at a Muslim wedding, but green, blue, pink is preferable. It depends on their culture and traditions. If you attend an Asian Muslim wedding ceremony, you can keep blue, green, red, pink, or maroon on your options list. And if you are going to attend the middle east, American or European Muslim wedding ceremony, then light pink, off-white, or light gray should be your priority.

Is Hijab mandatory for Muslim bride?

Most of the Muslim bride prefers to wear hijab, but it depends on their culture and law. But Muslim law says that the bride should cover her head. However, in modern days some Muslim bride doesn’t wear hijab. Like Asian Muslim brides, they don’t wear hijab, but they cover their heads with their dupatta or veil. But in the Middle East, they prefer to wear extra hijab with their beautiful gowns.

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