Learn to Create Popcorn Bars at Weddings

Wedding day is one of the best days for everyone. People get engaged and start planning for weddings from day one. everything is to be perfect such as venue, dress, jewelry, photography, video shoot, drinks, and catering. Speaking of catering, as a bride or groom, you plan a lot of delicious food for your wedding but did you ever think of having popcorn bars at weddings? If you didn’t, then start to think about it. popcorn is the healthiest and tasty snack which we love to eat at the movie theater, sports, drama theater, and sometimes also at home. but if you want a unique wedding party, you should arrange a popcorn section at your wedding. doesn’t it sound exciting? If you want to plan a popcorn bar for your wedding, then let’s dig into the details.

Popcorn Bars at Weddings

What is a Popcorn Bar?

Many of you are familiar with bars for drinks and juice. But do you know about the popcorn bar? Well, the popcorn bar is the most affordable and tasty snack in any function. As we all know that bar can be really expensive for its expensive drinks. But popcorn bars at weddings are inexpensive and a unique food item. With popcorn, you can keep spices and other toppings. There are many types of popcorn such as caramel popcorn, colorful popcorn, buttery popcorn, etc. You can keep all this variety at your wedding. If you are planning a small wedding then a homemade popcorn bar would be an excellent food item. On the other hand, if you arrange any movie theme wedding, then a popcorn bar is a mandatory food item. so, you can arrange a popcorn bar with various flavors in the good packet.

Fun Popcorn Bar Ideas with Toppings and Supplies

After knowing about the popcorn bar, you must be excited to arrange it for your wedding. Well, there are a lot of amazing ideas for popcorn bars. These ideas are both fun and fancy. A wedding program means having fun and enjoying the new journey. So why don’t you start it with something memorable? When you decide to have a popcorn bar you must want to know how to arrange a popcorn bar at your wedding? So, let’s find out the fun ideas for popcorn bars at weddings.

Choose the location

In the marriage venue, there are different sections with different food and drinks. So that the guest can find the food and drinks easily. Similarly, for a popcorn bar, you need to choose a place to arrange it. you can build a bar and put many flavors of delicious popcorn. Decorate the whole place to look good.

Decorate with theme 

Choosing a theme is not mandatory but if you are having a theme wedding, then it is necessary to arrange the popcorn bar with the same theme. The theme can be anything such as movie character, cartoon character, comic theme, vintage, etc. Whatever you choose, make sure that you decorate your popcorn bar section with the same theme.

Popcorn maker or commercial popcorn machine

If you plan a large wedding party with a large number of guests, then hiring a popcorn maker is the safest option. A popcorn maker can provide you with as much popcorn as you need to serve your guest. If you are out of budget, then you can arrange a commercial popcorn machine. a popcorn machine can produce 3-gallon popcorn in one batch. So, it is the best option to arrange a popcorn bar with a popcorn maker or commercial popcorn machine.

Popcorn bar with toppings

Usually, we eat buttery popcorn at a movie theater or home. but when it’s at your wedding, you should serve popcorn with various toppings. The different types of toppings can bring fun to the bar and taste delicious because people love to try different toppings in popcorn. You can choose these toppings: butter, salt, caramel, chocolate, spice, cinnamon, sprinkles, marshmallows, cheese, liquid chocolate, milk, nuts, chocolate chips, etc. With young and old people, the kids will also love these toppings on their popcorn. So, it is safe to say that different types of toppings can be a funny idea for popcorn bars at weddings.

Packaging of popcorn

Serving the popcorn with good packaging is important. so, you can arrange cones, buckets, or simple packets. If you want to serve popcorn in a fancy packet, you can create or customize it. Besides this, you can also customize the popcorn packet with your wedding theme.

Arrange a popcorn buffet

Many of you arrange a buffet at your wedding ceremony. Like the other food, you can also arrange a popcorn buffet. A popcorn buffet is also appropriate for any other party.

How can we create an amazing Popcorn Bar for your Weddings?

With all the amazing fun ideas, it’s time to create an amazing popcorn bar at weddings. But how can you create a popcorn bar for your wedding? Let’s dig into the details.

Be decorative

Like the drink bar and food section, you should choose a place to set the popcorn bar. Since it is a wedding ceremony, you must decorate the popcorn bar. You can decorate with flowers, balloons, lights, or anything according to your wedding theme.

Place the element

After decorating the bar, place all the elements such as popcorn container, scoop, bucket, packet, popcorn machine if you want, toppings, etc. You can place a popcorn container with a scoop according to your need and other varieties of popcorn. To serve the popcorn, you need to place the cone, label, paper bucket, etc. You can fill the popcorn in a vintage-style container.

Keep extra

A wedding ceremony means a huge crowd and you don’t know how much popcorn you need. So, you should keep extra popcorn in your store. It would be best if you get a commercial popcorn machine. It can serve a lot of popcorn in one batch. Besides this, your guest can have hot and crunchy popcorn directly from the machine.

Popcorn bars at weddings are quite a unique idea. If you can arrange it creatively, it will be amazing and memorable for the rest of your married life.

Hosting a wedding popcorn bar? Here are a few things to keep in mind

There are many ideas for hosting a wedding popcorn bar. But first, you have to know about the popcorn variety, decoration and most important is to make the popcorn. To be a host of popcorn bars at weddings, you must be good at decoration. Besides this, here are some tips to be a good host.

– You need to keep the popcorn bar neat and clean.

– Fill the popcorn container before it gets empty.

– Offer other toppings to the guest and follow the instructions.

– Organize all the toppings and other elements in a fancy way.

How much popcorn do you Need for 100 guests?

At a wedding ceremony, popcorn should be served unlimited because it is difficult to assume how much you need for a large wedding. but if you have 100 guests at your ceremony, then we can give you an assumption. For a hundred guests, you can offer five bags of popcorn. You can offer a different flavor of five bags. So in total, you will need almost two hundred or more than two hundred cups of popcorn. But what if one person takes more than one cup? In this situation, you will need more than two hundred. So, you can install a commercial popcorn machine at your wedding to avoid this situation.

How much popcorn does an 8 oz popcorn machine make?

For a big wedding ceremony, a popcorn machine is a big help. It can produce 3 to 4-gallon popcorn in one batch. But the popcorn machine has specific measurements. An 8 oz popcorn machine can make almost quarts of popped popcorn. It’s a lot of popcorn and it’s enough for a big wedding ceremony. If you need a few quarts of popcorn, then you can try a 4 oz popcorn machine. It can make 10 cups of popcorn in one batch.


How many gallons of popcorn should I order for 100 guests?

For a hundred guests, you should order almost 7 to 8 gallons of popcorn.

So What is a popcorn bar?

The popcorn bar is the most affordable and tasty snack in any function. You can make popcorn and serve it with many different toppings. A popcorn bar is suitable for any program.

How long before my wedding should I order my popcorn?

You should order popcorn almost 2 weeks before your wedding.

Why should you have a popcorn bar at your wedding?

It’s not mandatory to have a popcorn bar but the idea of popcorn bars at weddings is amazing. It is a very unique and fancy idea for a wedding. mostly, people serve various items of food and drinks but if you arrange a popcorn bar for your wedding, it would be an uncommon food item.

How long will my popcorn stay fresh?

If you order or buy popcorn and store it in a container, then it will stay for 1 or 2 weeks.


A wedding means to start a new journey and we all want to make it memorable. And the arrangement plays a vital role in this memory. So, to have a memorable and joyful wedding, you should have a popcorn bar. The popcorn bars at weddings are a unique and delicious arrangement. Here we tried to give you all the information. So instead of wasting your time, plan to arrange a popcorn at your wedding.

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